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Roomplan JKU Games 2023S


Throughout the event, we will provide free snacks, coffee and tea in the Kitchen.
A Microwave and a Fridge can be found there as well. Please sign all things you place in the fridge with your name and don’t use the whole place for yourself. It should go without saying, but other people’s stuff is off-limits.


Periodically, we will also organize a Pizza delivery call to Bella Casa with special conditions. You will be informed about when the next order takes place at the event, we currently plan on placing orders at around these times:

  • FR, 18:00
  • FR, 19:30
  • FR, 21:00
  • SA, 12:00
  • SA, 18:00
  • SA, 19:30
  • SA, 21:00

Note that this is just an approximate schedule subject to change. Check out the Pizza-Channel on Discord to receive live updates.
You can only pay in cash, but don’t worry, there is an ATM nearby.


The Linzer Uni Inn, the Student Union’s bar, will be open through most of the event. They are conveniently located in the same building: You can get a drink and some snacks there as well, and play Billards or Darts. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

Open on Friday, 17:00-02:00, and Saturday, 17:00-23:00 (only for the JKU GAMES).

More Food

Some selected other food opportunities nearby:

  • Spar JKU Campus: Friday 07:30-18:00
  • Grüne Papaya (Thai): Friday 18:00-22:00
  • Winkler Markt: Friday 07:30-18:30, Saturday 07:30-17:00
  • Penny: Saturday 07:15-18:00
  • Burgerista: Friday + Saturday 10:30-22:00 Uhr
  • Uni Pizza: Friday 10:00-21:30

For more inspiration, check out JKU’s food guide!


If you need a short break or want to recover from an intense Pen & Paper Adventure or a stressfull CS-Match, you can chill in our Resting-Area in the first floor. Please bring your own sleeping bags or mattresses.

Awareness Team

Like all of our bigger events, the JKU Games makes use of Awareness Teams. Awareness Team members wear magenta high-vis vests.

Awareness Teams are here to listen to you and ensure that everyone can enjoy the event. If you don’t feel comfortable because of a specific person or about a certain situation in our control, or if you simply want to talk, you can always contact a member of the Awareness Team. They will handle your request confidentially and bring up your problem anonymously with other relevant members of the Orga Team if necessary. We will then try to sort the issue out as quickly as possible.

If you can’t find an Awareness Team member, check in with the Infopoint and have them fetch one for you.
You also reach the Awareness-Team via phone. The phone number will be published here shortly before the event.


Is there an entrance fee?

No, the JKU Games are a completely free event. We are entirely funded by sponsorships and via means of the student union (ÖH TNF). Naturally, we are always happy about any donations as well. All left-over funding will be re-invested in other events.

Can I reserve a space?

There are no general reservations for our event. Given our truly massive location, we usually have enough space for you all.

Some of our activities (such as Tournaments and Pen and Papers) require reservation however. Get a free ticket to reserve a slot, see the respective sections for more. If you want to make sure that you will get a place for your PC in the LAN-Area, you can also reserve a spot there.

Do I need to bring anything?

Depends on what you are up to: If you want to play Computer Games, you will have to bring your own PC and peripherals. We will hook you up with LAN and power - see the LAN section for more details. If you are only here for the DICE area, you should be good, but you can bring your favorite games of course just in case we missed it. If you plan on staying for longer, you might want to bring a bit of money for food orders, and a sleeping bag. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your friends :P

Can I bring alcohol?

We firmly believe that the activities offered can be enjoyed without alcohol as well. Nevertheless, we tolerate alcohol as long as it is not disturbing our guests and the event (see the AGBs for a more binding definition). Naturally, all alcohol you bring is for personal consumption, please abide to rules on the protection of minors etc.

Can I bring my dog / cat / pet hamster?

Since we are using university facilities, we have to oblige to the JKU’s house rules. This means that you are unfortunately not allowed to bring any pets inside the building. Naturally, service animals and your computer mouse are an exception.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, all participants must be at least 16 years old, or have to be accompanied by a legal guardian. This is mostly due to the nature of our Games being an over-night event.

Can I bring a friend?

Please do! While the event is primarily targeted at people studying or working at the JKU and at pupils considering a study here, your friends and family are very welcome to join as well.

Why are you closed on Sunday Afternoon?

Throughout the last years, we have continuously extended our opening times and can provide you with almost 40 hours of fun. Unfortunately, since we are a team of volunteers, we are simply not able to find the people required to add an additional day of shifts (e.g. for our service point, game rental etc).
As you can probably imagine, it also takes quite some time to clean up after an event like ours, especially since we have expanded the event area quite a bit. As our locations usually need to be ready for regular university events on Monday, we run into problems here as well.
And finally, the main organizers tend to be awake throughout most of the event - we desperately need the sleep by Sunday morning, I can tell you as much :P

Why don’t you offer X and Y?

Since our resources are limited, we always have to choose carefully what to offer. If you have an idea that could fit our event, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’ll try our best to implement it!
The chances are even higher if you are willing to organize it yourself, so please mention this in your request as well!

Here are some common requests that we will most likely not be able to fulfill:

  • Karaoke / SingStar: Too noisy
  • Drinking Games: Not really in the spirit of the event
  • More free snacks: We understand the desire, but we are working with a limited budget, sorry!

I don’t feel comfortable at the event

If you don’t feel comfortable because of a specific person or about a certain situation in our control, please inform us. We will try our best to help you out!

You can contact us via or using our Discord Server. If your situation is of a more private nature, please contact our Awareness Team directly - see above for more.

How can I help the organizers?

Since we are a team of volunteers, we are happy for any help! Please check out the About Page for more.

You can also help us at the event by simply cleaning up after yourself and reminding others to do the same. This way, we as the organizers also get more time to enjoy the event ourselves!

The Games are over, what do I do now?!

We understand the sudden feeling of dread and despair once the JKU Games are edging closer towards their last hour. Fortunately, there are some other ways the spirit of the Games can stay with you until the next edition can be celebrated!

  • Game and Dine: If you like good food and games (both the classical and especially the electronic kind), Game and Dine has got you covered with playing nights, regulars’ tables etc.! They are not paying us, we are just fans - say hi from us!
  • External Partners: Some of our external partners who provided activities at the JKU Games also have their own events. Check them out!
  • JKU Gaming Discord: If you enjoyed our Discord and are sad to see it get locked down again after the event, you can join the JKU Gaming Community.
  • Next JKU Games: If everything else fails, maybe the outlook for the next JKU Games can keep your hopes up: We are already planning to have the next Games on 17.-19.05.2024!

Ask Us Anything

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via or using our Discord Server!

If you are already at the event, simply hit up our Infopoint!

Bring your friends!
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The JKU Games wants to thank our sponsors who make this event possible:
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Sponsor LCM
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