About us

We are a group of students from the technical faculty branch of the student union (ÖH TNF), who love to play games. In order to share this passion with others at JKU, we are organizing the JKU Games, a free gaming event that takes place almost every semester. We can’t take all the credit however, as this event builds on the experience and work of all the organizers before us (after all, this is the 18th edition). Also, such an event would not be possible without so many other ÖH TNF members and friends supporting us during the event.

JKU Games Orga

You can find out more about the ÖH TNF and the other work we do by checking out our website!

Got some spare time?

Are you a talented Game-Master looking to host a few games? Do you have an idea for the perfect tournament we are missing and want to organize it? Are you a huge fan of LAN cables and want to share your expertise? Would you like to help us at the event with smaller tasks at the Infopoint, Games Rental, etc.?

We are always happy for your support!
If you can assist us at the event, simply hit us up via games@oeh.jku.at!

If you are thinking about joining your student union and organizing events like this more regularly (among many other interesting jobs), feel free to hit up your student union directly or to contact us via tnf@oeh.jku.at - we will forward you to the right people!

External Partners

We usually have cooperations with external partners at our events who bring their own expertise and gaming spirit. Many of them also host their own events and activities, so please check them out!

  • Würfelkommando: A Gaming Club from Linz who was at the JKU Games this year Würfelkommando - if you search for partners to share your gaming passion, check them out!
  • JKU Chess Club: If you are into chess, check out the JKU Chess Club and visit their regular meetups!
  • Game Dev Linz: At this JKU Games, some Game Developers gave you a chance to try their current projects - if you are interested in game development, you can join the Game Dev Linz meetups!
  • Game Store Linz: If you enjoyed our MTG events, make sure to check out the Game Store for more regular tournaments!
  • TCG Steyr: In the past, our TableTop Games were organized with TCG Steyr - if you are into Warhammer, MTG, Pen and Paper etc., check them out!

Bring your friends!
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The JKU Games wants to thank our sponsors who make this event possible:
Sponsor Liwest
Sponsor LCM
Sponsor TeamViewer


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