Timetable, Events and Tournaments

Content Notice

Content on this page is about the JKU Games 2023W in December of 2023 and might therefore not be up-to-date yet.
It should give you an idea of what to expect at the JKU Games 2024S, but it will most likely change in the future.

Check back later to see more current content as planning progresses:
The JKU Games 2024S will take place on the weekend of 17.05-19.05.2024.

Event time and Resting Period

The JKU Games 2023W will take place from Friday, 08.12. (16:00) until Sunday, 10.12. (06:00), for 38 hours non-stop.
On Saturday from 04:00 to 10:00, the JKU Games Orga team will have a resting period and operate at limited capacity. We’ll use this time to clean up and prepare the next day, and might even catch an hour of sleep or two as well.
During this time, you can stay at the event and play games but you won’t be able to get new ones from our Games Rental section. Our Infopoint will be staffed, but outages in our technical infrastructure might not be fixed as quickly. In other words: This is the perfect time to test our resting area or work on our giant puzzle.


Two people competing in a tournament while having spectators

Compete for glory and fame (and a little goodie) in one of our tournaments.
To participate in a tournament, simply get yourself a free ticket using the button below! This helps us plan ahead and guarantees you to get a spot. Left-over spots can also be booked during the event as well.

Get a free ticket!

Start time Game
Fr 18:00 Mario Kart
Fr 18:00 League of Legends
Fr 23:00 Curve Fever
Sa 01:00 Blobby Volley
Sa 13:00 Floppy Disk
Sa 16:00 Uno Flip!
Sa 18:00 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Sa 18:00 Counter-Strike 2
Sa 19:00 Border Clash
Sa 22:00 Cup Stacking
Su 00:00 Chess Champion Announcement
Su 02:00 Staring Contest

Please ensure that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the tournament starts. If you are not present up until 5 minutes before, you may be substituted from the tournament.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Console Area) - Friday, 6pm

Race around in circles in whimsical vehicles, get all the power-ups and knock your enemies off the track.
A new Grand Prix will take place every 20 Minutes, starting at 18:00 - the timeslots of the individual players will be announced on Discord, lists are also available at the Info-Point.
At 20:00, we will have the grand finale of all group winners.
A switch console, controllers and the game are provided.

League Of Legends (LAN Area) - Friday, 6pm

Nobody likes this game, and yet we keep playing it - fight the LoL client and prepare to ruin friendships: Welcome to the Rift!
The tournament will be conducted in a bracket format, each being decided with a Best of One 5v5 on Summoners Rift using the Draft Pick mode.
You can sign up alone and will be assigned to a team, or give your team name on registration.
Bring your computer with the installed game to the tournament. Please install the game before the event to reduce load on our network and make sure that the client is running.

Curve Fever (aka. Achtung, die Kurve!) (LAN Area) - Friday, 11pm

The multiplayer snake game that will make you hate colorful lines.
You probably know this game from High School computer science classes. For once, the long hours of procrastination will bear fruit. Show your hard earned skills in this timeless classic. And above all, beware of the Curve.
The tournament will be played on high end hardware provided by us.

Blobby Volley (LAN Area) - Saturday, 1am

Volleyball, but with green, slimy blobs - i.e. the perfect past-midnight game and all-time classic at the Games.
We will play in a bracket system in an epic battle to the death.
If you are confused why you have never heard of this game, it was a bit more popular back in the Windows XP days. The necessary software will therefore be pre-installed on the tournament computers.

Floppy Disk Target Throw (outside) - Saturday, 1pm

To get your brain running after a long night, we will force you outside for this epic Floppy Disk Mating ritual!
If the weather allows it, we will practice frisbee-ing Floppy Disks. The person closest to the target (disk drive) wins!
We will provide you with your Floppy Disks.

UNO Flip! (DICE Area) - Saturday, 4pm

UNO, but they accidentally printed both sides of the cards. It’s the classical game, but with a little twist (or dare I say “Flip”?)
We will play in a bracket system consisting of several groups playing each other. First to get rid of their cards advances to the next round.
We will provide you with the game (and rules).

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Console Area) - Saturday, 6pm

Smash your buttons and Brawl your way through Super combos in this Ultimate fighting game between Bros.
Depending on the amount of sign-ups, we will play 1v1s / 2v2s .. in a bracket system.
A Nintendo Switch console, controllers, and the game will be provided.

CS2 (LAN Area) - Saturday, 6pm

Battle it out with your friends and foes alike in a high-speed, heart-pumping first-person shooter game.
The tournament is a Best of One on Competitive Settings and will take ca. three hours in total, depending on the player count. The Map is chosen by the standard map ban system.
You can sign up alone and will be assigned to a team, or give your team name on registration.
Bring your computer with the installed game to the tournament. Please install the game before the event to reduce load on our network.

Border Clash (LAN Area) - Saturday, 7pm

Fortify your borders and unleash your armies in this epic online game.
Border Clash is a tactical, simultaneous turn-based, multiplayer strategy game where you manage resources, research technologies, build an army and invade countries to expand your territory.
If you’re not already familiar with the game, please arrive about an hour before the tournament starts, so you can get keys for the beta, install the game on your device, and familiarize yourself with the gameplay. (Or you can check it out even sooner at the GameDev area, or directly on Steam)

Cup Stacking (DICE Area) - Saturday, 10pm

A discipline easy to learn, but hard to master.
You’re gonna be stacking cups. It’s in the name. It’s not complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy either.
You have to be fast to win. Faster than light. That may mean that you’ll have to live in the dark, but that’s what it takes to be the best.
Cups will be provided by us.

Staring Contest (DICE Area) - Sunday, 2am

Especially enticing for all that have stayed up throughout the whole event, this game will force you to stay awake.
In this bracket style tournament, you will be invited to get lost in your opponents eyes. If you blink, you lose!
Please bring the necessary eyes.

Async Tournaments

Chess Champion

Make Magnus proud in this async tournament!
In light of logistical considerations regarding space and scheduling, we have devised a unique tournament format. The tournament will span the entire event, and each participant will receive two tokens - designated as either amateur or advanced - along with a button identifying them as a Challenger.
Participants possessing a Challenger button can be challenged to a chess duel at any time during the event. Upon the conclusion of a match, the defeated player will surrender one of their tokens to the victor. The tournament concludes for a player when they have no tokens remaining. At this point, the Challenger button should be returned to the Games Rental section. Alternatively, if a participant wishes to conclude their challenge period before running out of tokens, they can return the tokens together with the Challenger button to the Games Rental section and only then the score will be recorded for evaluation at the conclusion of the tournament.
The announcement of the tournament winner is scheduled for 12am (midnight) on Sunday. In case that a winner is no longer present at the JKU Games location, we will contact them to convey their victory.
We look forward to an exciting and competitive chess tournament during the JKU Games!

Speed-Puzzle Challenge

You have as many tries as you want, but only one can be the fastest.
The quickest one to solve our 49 pieces JKU GAMES WS23-Puzzle will be awarded the title of “JKU GAMES WS23 Puzzle Champion” as well as this year’s jigsaw puzzle itself.
That’s really all there is to say about it. The challenge will be available at the games rental desk from Friday 4pm till Sunday 12am (midnight). After that we will contact the final record time holder and make sure you receive your prize.
During the Event we will keep you updated about the current record time in the “speed-puzzle-challenge” text channel on our discord.

Two Rooms and a Boom

This group game will have you protect the president, assassinate him, or sow chaos doing an entirely different task. Of course, not knowing the roles of others, being split up into two rooms without means of communication, and having people sent back and forth between them does not make succeeding any simpler. That’s why communication is key.
Two Rooms and a Boom will be played on Friday starting at 19:00 in the Group Games room, where you will get a more in-depth explanation of the rules and roles. After that, new rounds will start approximately every half hour until 22:30.


Werewolves are hiding in the peaceful village and are trying to eat all its residents, but the villagers won’t just let them do as they please. Meanwhile, some are scheming entirely different plans in secret to use the chaos to their advantage. The question is, can you trust others and their claims of who and what they are?
Werewolf is played almost constantly in the Group Games room, where you will get a more in-depth explanation of the rules and roles. New rounds are planned to start every full hour (unless the room is needed otherwise) and will be announced via Discord in the werewolf channel.

Game Store

During the JKU Games the Game Store Linz will hold Magic the Gathering Events in the Dice Area.
This is their schedule:

Start time Tournament
Fr 16:00 CEDH Tournament
Fr 18:00 Legacy FNM
Fr 18:00 Lost Cave of Ixalan Draft
Sa 11:00 Modern RCQ
Sa 14:00 One Piece OP-05 Tournament

Bring your friends!
Campusplan Location
The JKU Games wants to thank our sponsors who make this event possible:
Sponsor Fabasoft


JKU Linz, Uni-Center
Altenbergerstraße 69
Linz, AT 4040