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Content on this page is about the JKU Games 2023W in December of 2023 and might therefore not be up-to-date yet.
It should give you an idea of what to expect at the JKU Games 2024S, but it will most likely change in the future.

Check back later to see more current content as planning progresses:
The JKU Games 2024S will take place on the weekend of 17.05-19.05.2024.

Welcome, Traveller!

In this year’s JKU Games you will get a chance to try out several Pen & Paper games. Old veteran or completely new to the game, we have got you covered! If you want to join an adventure, get a ticket using the button below and be here on time!

Note: There are still some free time slots left, so if you would like to host an adventure yourself, please contact us via!

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Some of our games offered in the past

This is our schedule - check out our Discord server for spontaneous adventures and updates:



Adventure Turnier von Bahamut/Tournament of Bahamut (PvP Combat)
Language English/Deutsch
Game-Master Nina [.dragonsoul123], Daniel [knightrave], Dylan [blue0ri0n], Oscar[Oscar3927], Andreas[allfreak], Alex[androctos]
Rules DnD 5e - PvP Tournament System
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description [German] Willkommen, willkommen, beim Turnier von Bahamut. Tretet näher, kommt heran. Stellt euch im Zweikampf zu Ehren Bahamuts, um euch Ruhm und Reichtum zu erkämpfen! Zum großen Abschluss treten alle Kämpfer im großen Buhurt an.
Description [English] Welcome, welcome, at the Tournament of Bahamut. Step closer, come by. Stand up to duel for glory and riches in honor of Bahamut. As a great finale, all fighters will content in a great battle royal!
Players 16-24
Duration ~ 8 hours (you are not busy during the whole time, just for your fighting slots and at the end)
Characters bring your own (Lvl 6, Point buy) - further Rules for creation on your ticket - help on Discord available


Adventure Midnight Kiss
Language English
Game-Master Sarah [starshine001]
Rules Vampire the Masquerade 5e
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description You’ve been invited to a New Year’s celebration at the temple of the Children of the Angel, a rare chance to see what goes on among the wealthiest and most beautiful Kindred of the city. As the night goes on, you’ll have  chance to become something more, but the price to be paid is no small matter. Will you accept at the cost of your humanity or greet the new year with your principles intact?
Players 2-5
Duration 3-4 h
Characters premade, but you can bring your own if you contact the DM beforehand via Discord


Adventure The Witch ist Dead
Language English/German (Player Preference)
Game-Master Kai [kai_kay]
Rules a one Page D20 System
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description Once upon a time, there was a kind and wise and beautiful witch who lived in the forest with her familiars, and her life was peaceful and happy until a FUCKING WITCH-HUNTER broke into her cottage and dragged her out and fucking MURDERED HER and now she’s DEAD. But: if you get revenge and kill him and bring his EYES to her corpse within a week she’ll come back to life. Or so you’ve heard. Even if it doesn’t work, at least he’s dead. (Adventure by Grant Howitt)
Players 2-5
Duration 3-4 h
Characters created at the table together by two d20 Rolls



Adventure Honey Heist
Language German/English (Player Preference)
Game-Master Felix [itsafeh]
Rules Honey Heist (This is a one-page rulebook centered around fun and the “rule of cool”)
Suitable for Noobs and veterans (it’s mostly roleplay after all)
Description We are a group of bears that try to steal JKU’s selfmade honey: Time for a real heist! During the game, you will get to…
1) outsmart your opponents 2) eat a lot of honey and 3) wear a cute hat! So what are you waiting for? Assemble your team!
Players 4-5
Duration 2-3h
Characters created together at the table - we are bears, what did you expect?


Adventure Local Legends
Language English (can play in German if all Players want to)
Game-Master Wolfgang [wolfgang2703]
Rules Easy to learn homebrew rules
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description A friendly wizard has hired you to travel to a remote town in order to investigate a local legend. However, shortly after your arrive you are summoned to the courthouse and accused of stealing a historic stone slate. Help clear up the confusion and recover the artifact!
Players 2-5
Duration 2-3 h
Characters premade by GM or created at the start of the session by you

Adventure Character Creation Workshop
Language English
Game-Master Dylan [blue0ri0n]
Rules DnD 5e
Suitable for All who are curious about Character Creation in DnD
Description Create a DnD 5e Charakter you can use in Dylans Oneshot later, some other DnD game at the games or a Oneshot at some later time!
Players 1-8
Duration 2h


Adventure (Adventure) School Excursion
Language English
Game-Master Dylan [blue0ri0n]
Rules DnD 5e
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description You’re in your last year of adventuring school, and just as you and your classmates start to relax on your senior’s trip, your teacher, whom all of you love, gets abducted by a dragon. Now, it is up to you and other brave classmates to rescue them from the tower the beast has taken them to.
Players 4-8
Duration 3-5 h
Characters pregenerated Characters by the DM, or visit the Charater Creation Workshop before

Adventure We be Goblins!
Language Deutsch/English
Game-Master Hendrik [henricus_dux]
Rules Pathfinder 1
Suitable for Noobs and up/Noobs und Aufwärts
Description [Deutsch] Ihr gehört zu den stärksten Angehörigen der Licktoads, einem Stamm von Goblins in Brinestump Marsh, einem Sumpfgebiet am südwestlichen Ende Varisias. Ihr wurdet auserwählt, einen glorreichen Feldzug zu starten, um prachtvolles Feuerwerk zu erbeuten. Von dessen Existenz hat der Häuptling erst kürzlich erfahren – heute, um genau zu sein; höchste Zeit es für den Stamm zu sichern. Heute Abend gibt es noch ein mächtiges Gelage und morgen geht es dann los!
Description [English] You are among the most powerful members of the Licktoads, a fierce tribe of goblins living in Brinestump Marsh, on the south-western end of Varisia. You have been chosen to raid a recently – as in today – discovered stash of magnificent fireworks. Today there will be a celebratory feast, tomorrow there is raiding to be done!
Players 2-4
Duration 4-5 h
Characters premade by DM


Adventure Das Phantom von Eldberg
Language Deutsch
Game-Master Sebastian [friedl865]
Rules DnD 5e
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description Ein Gespenst ist auf Eldberg aufgetaucht und hat die Insel mit dem Leuchtturm in Nebel gehüllt. Das Licht unseres Turmes ist erloschen. Wenn du Angst hast, dich einem Geist im Kampf zu stellen, bleib fern von Eldberg, denn dort findest du nur den Tod. Aber wenn du solchen Phantomen bereits gegenübergestanden hast, dann wisse, dass ich, Jorund von Eldberg, mein eigenes Gold bezahlen werde, wenn du die Geister von den Gebieten unseres Clans vertreibst. Für den Kopf des Monsters gibt es eine Belohnung von 300 Gold. Für weitere Informationen stehe ich euch in der Taverne „Zum strahlenden Anker“ zur Verfügung.
Players 2-5
Duration 4h
Characters premade by DM or bring your own (contact DM for requirements)

Adventure Kepler’s Secret Society
Language English/German (Player Preference)
Game-Master Daniel [kuta1999]
Rules Kingdom
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description You ever thought your phone is listening in to your conversations? Yep, it’s true, we’re the ones responsible for that. The latest elections? We rigged them. Chemtrails? We use them to control the weather. JFK-s death? Also our fault. Sorry champ, had to happen. Aliens? We’re hiding them in our basement. The moon landing? Oh, that one has happened, actually. We have some pretty scenic facilities up there, on the dark side! - Who we are? The Kepler Secret Society, aka KSS, aka your friendly neighbourhood global deep state. Not to brag, but we have pretty much fingers in every pie. We have a crapton of money, illegal science projects, and even black magic! Furthermore, we control politicians, the media and the “free” market too! - Why haven’t we managed to take over the world yet? That’s a question. We don’t like those. You don’t want to mysteriously vanish, do you? Then stop that. Anyhow, you may be eager to hear that we’re recruiting! We have several openings for low-level pawns, experts specialized in various branches of our business, and even for actual decision-makers! What can I say, corrupt secret organisations have a high turnover rate. Come join us, and be part of a better world order for everyone! (especially ourselves) - Pro Mundi Ordine!
Players 3-7
Duration 3-5h
Characters created at the table

Adventure Neverwhere in Ankh-Morpork
Language English/German (Player Preference)
Game-Master Kai [kai_kay]
Rules A one in a Million Chance at Adventure (A D10-based system created for play on Terry Pratchets Discworld)
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome! - Terry Pratchet Fans appreciated
Description You have just settled into your seat at “The Dysc”, a small and shabby theatre in the city of Ankh-Morpork. You are not much of a theatre person generally but look forward to throwing vegetables at your close friend, or well maybe more of an acquaintance, in fact you just met him yesterday, the famous Oswald Otterstrike, who is playing the king. Like any proper king in a play, he will eventually get stabbed, of course. And DAMN his acting is fine. Or is it? The other actors seem quite befuzzled by the ferocious scream and groaning noises he makes. Best to check out if the murder is real …
Players 3-5
Duration 5-6h (~1h Character Creation)
Characters made at the table, if you want to bring your own (and arrive later) contact DM beforehand


Adventure The Green Death
Language English (German if needed)
Game-Master Max [minermax555]
Rules homebrew D20 System (similarities to DnD)
Suitable for Noobs - Intermediate
Description 1854. Cholera, a truly terrible curse, is haunting London. As the death toll and suffering increases, the strange outbreak defying well-established medical knowledge gets even more mysterious as the prime investigator of the Royal Hospital suddenly disappears. The players act as private investigators in a dark Victorian setting and are tasked with figuring out if there is more than nature alone at play here. Note that the focus of this adventure more on the story, mystery and role-playing rather than on combat and constant skill checks.
Players 3-6
Duration 4-6 h
Characters premade, but you can bring your own if you ask your DM nicely beforehand


Adventure Die Wilde Jagd
Language Deutsch
Game-Master Gandalf [noctavian]
Rules DnD 5e + homebrew
Suitable for players with (a little) experience in DnD
Description Nach einer langen Tagesreise lässt sich eure Gruppe zum Lagern am Waldesrand nieder. Am Feuer wird gegessen, getrunken und gelacht. Als die Nacht hereinbricht erscheint ein bläuliches Licht über den Bäumen des Waldes und ihr spürt einen Drang…ein Bedürfnis… dem Licht zu folgen. Was ist wohl die Quelle des Lichts? Und war erwartet euch wenn ihr es erreicht?
Players 4-6
Duration 3-4h
Characters you have to create them in advance - DM will provide a Link to DnD Beyond


Adventure Masks of Nyarlathtep
Language English
Game-Master Sarah [starshine001]
Rules Call of Cthulu
Suitable for Everyone - Noobs welcome!
Description Peru 1921: Arriving from different parts of the globe, several individuals journey to Lima in Peru, South America. They are answering an advert of one Jackson Elias looking for brave souls to join an expedition to find a lost pyramid in the highlands of Peru. Much of archeological - and monetary - value is bound to be hidden there, surely… But the expedition may have bitten off more than they can chew.
Players 2-5
Duration 3-4 h
Characters premade by DM, selfmade characters are possible, please contact DM before for requirements


Adventure Bääähd People
Language English
Game-Master Liv [livimeon]
Rules DnD 5e
Suitable for Newbies and Noobs
Description After long years of training (or not), you are finally ready to set out on your journey to become an adventurer! You have packed your bags, grabbed your weapon and made your way towards the next bigger town to meet fellow adventurers and pick up your first contract.
Players 2-4
Duration 3-4 h
Characters premade by DM

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