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These are some of the more recent pieces of advice we received in the past and how we have tried to implement them. The date always indicates when we last changed stuff to address an issue.

I wasn’t sure if you still had any free LAN slots | 2023 WiSe

We usually have more than enough space for all, but we understand that some would still like a guarantee to ensure that they don’t transport all their equipment for nothing. That’s why we now include LAN places in our ticket system.

It’s too loud! | 2023 WiSe

We’ve all been in this situation where you’re about to defeat a dragon in a cave, but the background sounds like you’re at a bazaar? In response to your feedback, we have moved the Pen & Paper area to its own floor this year. We hope you will be less affected by noise and can immerse yourself completely in your world.

The puzzle is too easy | 2023 WiSe

Last year’s giant puzzle was finished pretty quickly - unfortunately, you all have gotten too good at this. It also doesn’t help that there was too much text in it, so based on your feedback, we are going back to our classic Disney puzzles.

To make it even better, you can also compete for first place in a speed puzzle tournament this year. Every second counts and the best player will receive a small prize.

More Chess Boards | 2023 WiSe

We have noticed your interest and have not only organized more chess boards this year, but also offer you the opportunity to take part in a chess tournament.

The Pen and Paper / Tournament Sign-Up is too chaotic | 2023 SoSe

Because of the massive boom in interest, our Pen and Paper area is receiving a lot more visitors than in previous years and we have increased the amount of games we are running. We realized last semester that it is no longer possible to properly administer that many games via Discord and the GMs directly, so this year we are trying something new: An online ticket system!

You should now be able to book your time slot ahead of time which allows all of us to plan ahead. Bare with us while we are sorting out any growing pains, but please tell us what you think about the idea as a whole!

The Location is too crowded / not cozy enough | 2022 WiSe / 2023 SoSe

Throughout the last year, we have thoroughly increase the size of our location to account for the increased number of guests. The Uni-Center can now hold a lot more people and provides the proper infrastructure to facilitate them (e.g. dishwashers, rest rooms, better sound proofing…).

As with all changes, we also received some feedback that the old location in the cellar of the banking building was cozier - we are trying to counter this with more decorations and a dedicated person responsible for decorations this year.

We are also constantly optimizing the room plan to ensure that noisy stuff stays out of the calmer areas, so if you have any ideas here, please let us know!

There are too many pings on Discord | 2023 SoSe

We have implemented a self-assignable Pizza Role on our Discord now - simply join the Pizza channel and use the Pizza reaction to never miss an order again!

I want to know when new Werewolf Rounds are starting | 2023 SoSe

Using a similar approach, we have also created a Werewolf role now. Huzzah! We are also experimenting with a fixed timetable for the start of new rounds.

Make the LAN area more comfortable | 2023 SoSe

It is surprisingly difficult to get by some good chairs in the university. We are trying our best to persuade the uni administration to open their secret storage to us and are currently testing a few options.

Clarify the AGBs, add an FAQ | 2023 SoSe

We have tried to make our Terms and Conditions clearer and have added an English speaking FAQ to answer some pressing questions. We have also lowered the age limitation to 16 and have talked with Jugendschutz OÖ to make our event safer for minors.

Create a better feedback form | 2023 SoSe

So far, we have collected most of our feedback on physical paper evaluation sheets. We are now experimenting with an online alternative that is a bit more detailed and has a dedicated place on our website - if you have made it this far, you have seen it by now :P

Give a clearer time schedule | 2022 WiSe

Last year, we have added a detailed Time Schedule to our website so you always know what you can look forward to at any time. Accompanying it, we are now making use of Discord events to make it easier to follow along.

There is still confusion about our closing times, we are trying to better communicate it on our Website and on Flyers.

I have no clue who you are? | 2022 WiSe

Less of a feedback, but something we got increasingly aware of ourself: Many of our visitors have no clue about the ÖH TNF and the free services we provide for students. Since last semester, we now have an About page on our website (a long overdue step) and have created info posters for you to get to know us better from a glance.

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