A lot of people playing board games in the Uni Center

Highlights of the DICE-Area

  • We provide you with hundreds of Board- and Card-Games.
  • Enjoy thrilling Pen & Paper adventures.
  • Play intense Group-games like “Werewolf” or “Two Rooms and a Boom”.
  • Puzzle to your heart’s content or assist us in crafting decoration.
  • Meet external gaming clubs and play-test new games.
  • Compete in exciting Tournaments.
Some of our games

To Bring

  • Own games when needed.
  • Fun, Fairness and Friends.
  • Your old Werewolf Bingos if you still have them.
Collage of Werwolf group game, decorations, puzzle and chess

Bring your friends!
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The JKU Games wants to thank our sponsors who make this event possible:
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JKU Linz, Uni-Center
Altenbergerstraße 69
Linz, AT 4040