A lot of people playing board games in the Uni Center

Highlights of the DICE-Area

  • We provide you with hundreds of Board- and Card-Games.
  • Enjoy thrilling Pen & Paper adventures.
  • Play intense Group-games like “Werewolf” or “Two Rooms and a Boom”.
  • Puzzle to your heart’s content or assist us in crafting decoration.
  • Meet external gaming clubs and play-test new games.
  • Compete in exciting Tournaments.
Some of our games

During the JKU Games, we want to promote a few games in the DICE section at specific timeslots. This makes finding allies and opponents to play with easier.

Start time Game Location
Fr 17:00 1000 cards DICE Area
Fr 19:00 Two Rooms and a Boom Group Games Room
Fr 23:00 Werwolf Group Games Room

1000 blank cards

In “1000 blank cards” you come up with your own rules. Ever wanted to play around with random game mechanics? Ever wanted to rip cards to shreds or make a game unplayable? Then this game is for you.
Each round you play a card, apply its effect and draw a new one. If you draw a blank card, write something on it and shuffle it back into the deck. The game ends if either someone “wins” by the effect of a card or if no player can make a valid move — in that case, the player with the most “points” wins.
1000 blank cards will be played on Friday at 17:00-21:00 in the DICE Area, new rounds will start each full hour.

Two Rooms and a Boom

This group game will have you protect the president, assassinate him, or sow chaos doing an entirely different task. Of course, not knowing the roles of others, being split up into two rooms without means of communication, and having people sent back and forth between them does not make succeeding any simpler. That’s why communication is key.
Two Rooms and a Boom will be played on Friday starting at 19:00 in the Group Games room, where you will get a more in-depth explanation of the rules and roles. After that, new rounds will start approximately every 45 minutes until 22:00 (i.e: 19:00, 19:45, 20:30, 21:15) as announced via Discord in the two-rooms-and-a-boom channel.


Werewolves are hiding in the peaceful village and are trying to eat all its residents, but the villagers won’t just let them do as they please. Meanwhile, some are scheming entirely different plans in secret to use the chaos to their advantage. The question is, can you trust others and their claims of who and what they are?
Werewolf is played almost constantly in the Group Games room, where you will get a more in-depth explanation of the rules and roles. New rounds are planned to start every two hours on the hour and will be announced via Discord in the werewolf channel.

To Bring

  • Own games when needed.
  • Fun, Fairness and Friends.
  • Your old Werewolf Bingos if you still have them.
Collage of Werwolf group game, decorations, puzzle and chess

Bring your friends!
Campusplan Location
The JKU Games wants to thank our sponsors who make this event possible:
Sponsor Fabasoft


JKU Linz, Uni-Center
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